Well Grown Niece

So there I was, standing under the shower, shaving my cock and balls, and leaving just a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair above my [Read More]

Surprise Ending

My wife and I are a Dom couple that is accustomed to having someone live with us as our slave. We have had several over [Read More]

Afternoon Matinee

Lately I’ve got into in a very aggresive mood for sex. Worse than any whore for money. My BF is wealthy, so I don’t need [Read More]

My Wrong Number Friend

Hi this is Sultana Sinha (name changed) 36 yrs old healthy Male from Patna Bihar again along with 16th story. I am Shekhar Prabhakar 29,married [Read More]

With Virgin Colleague

I have been a regular Beep Stories reader, and lately felt like contributing my personal encounters. I had been married for about a few months [Read More]

Divorced Hotty

Divorced Hotty For those who have read my previous Indian sex stories, this happened few months after I broke up with my college gf. The [Read More]

landlord aunty

With my landlord aunty It happened in 2008, I was 25, working in Chennai at a multinational firm, and residing at Adyar. It was a [Read More]